Intership for statistics / data science students - with stipend

Kochi, Kerala
Work Type: Internship
The Datahut internship program provides students a hands-on experience working in the data industry.  Datahut works on some of the challenging problems in the web data integration industry. We work with some of the largest companies on the planet, helping them get data for their operations. The marketing team at Datahut helps educate decision-makers at large enterprises through our content and creatives. 

We're inviting students with an excellent understanding of statistics and data to work on some exciting data problems. If you have good pattern recognition skills and data analysis skills - you're most welcome.

We get a lot of applications, and we obviously need to filter people. Here is a test for you. You're given the pricing data of two brands, Adidas and Nike. The standard deviation of pricing for Adidas is "x," and for Nike is "3x". How would you interpret the pricing data? Include your answer in the application as a cover letter. You're free to be as creative as you can.

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